Choosing The Right Paint For Your Wooden Fence

If you are wanting to paint the wood fence surrounding your home, you will want to know how you can do it so that you get it done successfully. The first step to getting the fence painted properly is to buy the right paint. Here's what you need to know about the types of paint that are available to you and which are and aren't best for painting your wood fence:

  • Interior Paint: One common problem that homeowners make is trying to paint their wood fence with interior paint. This is unfortunate because paints that are made to be used indoors will not last in the outdoor conditions. The sun and the rain will cause damage to the paint if used on a wood fence, which means that you will have to repaint it much sooner than you expect. 
  • Latex Based Paint: When you purchase paint, it is important that you look at the labels. You don't want to buy latex based paint since it is meant to be used indoors. It might make your fence look pretty, especially if you buy the semi-gloss type. However, it likely will not hold up on your wood fence. 
  • Oil Based Paint: Oil based paint is best to use on the wood fence in your yard. This is because oil based paint is heavy, meaning that it will last longer before needing to be touched up. Also, oil based paints keep out moisture easily, which ensures that in the rain, or snow, the wood fence will not become damaged because the paint is soaking up the moisture in the air. 
  • Primer: When you use oil based paint, you usually want to use an oil based primer. However, when painting your wood fence, using primer at all isn't really necessary, especially if you are starting out painting a completely wooden fence. 
  • Choosing the Right Color: Once you know what type of paint you should use for your wood fence, you then want to know what it takes to buy the right color. This means taking home testers before you choose the right one. You want a color that is going to blend in with your home's landscaping. You don't want it to jump out too much, or it can be distracting. 

By knowing the best way to paint the wood fence that surrounds your home, you can ensure that you can increase the curb appeal of your home and keep the paint lasting for a quality amount of time on the fence before needing to touch it up. For more tips, contact a local wood fence contractor.