Bird Problems? How You Can Keep Pesky Birds Off Your Roof

When it comes to your home, your roof is one of the most important structures. Consequently, protecting your roof should be a major priority. It's important to perform regular maintenance on your roof, but it's also important to protect your roof from unsuspecting dangers, like birds. While a bird or two on your roof might seem harmless, they can actually cause a significant amount of damage.

The Harm

One of the dangers of having birds on your rooftop is pecking. Birds will often take small prey to the roof to claw their catch and peck it apart. The force of their beaks during the pecking motion can damage the roof tiles, particularly if you have asphalt or wood shingles. Overtime, this can put small holes in your rooftop that makes you more prone to water leaks.

Additionally, birds often build nest in the gutters around your roof. Once their eggs hatch, the birds leave the nest behind and move to another location. However, the leftover debris clog your gutters. As it rains, the water gets backed-up and eventually seeps into the area under your roof tiles. This problem also places you at an increased risk of a roof water leak.

Sound Deterrents

If you're looking for a long-term, low maintenance option, consider sound deterrents. As their name would suggest, these units work by sending a signal out that causes the birds to stay away. Two of the main reasons birds tend to migrate on roof tops is the security and safety the space offers. The top of your roof is a more predator-free zone than the ground below. However, the sound deterrents send out predator calls that make your rooftop anything but comfortable.

While birds may still land on your roof, they won't stay very long. You have the option to adjust the timer on the deterrent to sound off as frequently as you would like. However, every 10 minutes is a good place to begin. There is no fear of disturbing your home or your neighbors. The birds hear a sound of distress, but to the human ear the sound is heard like a regular bird-call. In addition to programming how frequently your deterrent will sound off an alarm, you can also program it to only operate during certain times of the day, such as morning or night.

Keeping birds off your roof doesn't have to be a difficult undertaking. Make certain that you are taking steps to prevent birds from damaging your roof. (For information on roofing, contact a company such as Gulfside Roofing Inc)