Advantages To Having Air Ducts Cleaned

Getting your air ducts cleaned is a crucial step when living in a home. Whether the home has been recently built or not, it is an important step to maintaining health. Most companies recommend having the air ducts cleaned every three to five years for optimal performance. This article discusses the advantages of having your air ducts cleaned. 

  • To remove dust build-up. When air ducts are left for a long period of time without being cleaned, dust can build up, which can lead to other issues. If the dust is left for long enough, it may begin to mold, especially in areas that are more humid. The spores can then be spread throughout the house, causing health issues for those who live in that house.
  • To lower energy costs. When dust builds up, the ducts can become clogged, causing the air to flow less freely. If this happens, it means that the furnace and air conditioning systems will have to work harder to heat and cool the house, respectively. This will lead to higher energy costs throughout the year. Having the air ducts cleaned will prevent this, saving the customer money. 
  • To clean up food or other debris. For households that have or have had younger children, this is especially important. Often times, younger children enjoy dropping items into the vents that can clog up the vents, such as food, toys, and garbage. Again, this can lead to the air flowing less freely, but in the cases of food, it can also begin to mold. 
  • To prevent respiratory issues. Having years of build up in the vents lowers the quality of air that is blown throughout the home. Especially for those who already have respiratory issues, such as asthma and allergies, having the air ducts cleaned is very important. Having dust, pollen, animal dander, and other sorts of debris in the vents can cause these problems to be significantly worse. In the long run, having the ducts cleaned can help to improve these issues. 
  • To clean debris from construction. In newer houses or houses that have recently been worked on, it is very important to have the air ducts cleaned. Dust from wood, sheet rock, and even metal can often fall into the ducts during construction, which can lead to any of the previous issues discussed. 
  • To extend the lifespan of the machinery. Having clogged vents can lead to the machinery heating and cooling homes having to work harder. This can lessen the amount of time they are able to work, shortening their lifespan and costing you more money. Click here to learn more about air duct cleaning.