3 Great Ways To Personalize Your Bathroom

If you are in the process of building a home or if you are redoing some things in an older home that you have just purchased, it is important to take the time to personalize your bathroom. This is a room in your home that will be used often, and you want to make sure that it reflects your personal style. This article will discuss 3 great ways to personalize your bathroom and how you can go about doing them. 

Order A Custom Shower Door

One great way to make your bathroom more personalized is to order a custom shower door. Often times, the generic doors that come with most showers are either boring or cheaply made. Ordering a custom shower door will allow you to choose the type of glass you would like, as well as the thickness of your glass. You can have custom designs carved into your glass, such as flowers, shapes, animals, or any other designs that you like. You can also have a custom metal frame placed around the glass so that it matches the metal edging of your shower. Work with a professional, like Southern Glass & Mirror, for your custom shower door. 

Choose Custom Mirrors 

Another great way to customize your bathroom is to pick out or even create your own custom mirrors for your bathroom. If you plan on making these mirrors yourself, you can build or restore custom frames and then have the glass placed inside. You will then need to mount them on the wall above your sink or sinks using a stud in the wall. If you decide that you want to purchase a custom made mirror for your bathroom, you can search modern furniture stores and even antique shops.

Pick Decor Items You Enjoy

Once you have all of the hardware installed in your bathroom, it is time to use your personal style to decorate it. Find a theme that you like and use this it to decorate your entire bathroom. You can find rugs and curtains that accent the theme of your bathroom, as well as soap dishes and dispensers, toothbrush holders, trash cans, toilet paper holders, and other items that match your personal decor style and go along with your overall bathroom theme.

One of the most exciting things about having your own home is personalizing it and decorating it. Taking the time to personalize your bathroom with a custom shower door, personalized mirrors, and decor items of your choice is very exciting and can help to make your home your own.