Have Fun In The Sun And Stay Safe: Advantages Of A Concrete Pool Deck

Deciding to upgrade your home by installing a pool can be an exciting time that generates a large amount of pride. It also generates a large amount of new maintenance and a necessity of new knowledge, and making sure that you understand all of your options throughout construction is an important part in making sure your pool turns out how you've always dreamed.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages for selecting concrete as the surface for your new pool deck, over other pool deck resurfacing options. Concrete's unique advantages will likely make you realize that it's the correct choice to guarantee that you will enjoy your pool safely for years to come.


Anyone who is going through the pool installation process understands that there are a great many costs involved, and looking to reduce those costs can be a very wise decision. While personalized masonry, bricks, and paving stones may have an attractive look, they're also labor intensive and require expensive materials.

Concrete can be poured in large quantities and then shaped to meet your particular needs. You can also achieve the look of specialized paving by having the concrete stamped before it hardens. This will allow you to cut back on installation costs while still making others think that you've chosen an expensive speciality option.


There are several reasons why pool deck maintenance is important, but chief among those is guaranteeing that the deck surface remains safe. Crumbling or sloping decks can be extremely slippery and cause injury even when they're walked on carefully, creating a hazard that you need to avoid.

Concrete pool decks will remain strong in high temperature environments while also resisting cracks and crumbling. This will allow your surface to remain consistent, and the natural grit of concrete also provides an amount of traction that will allow you to safely navigate the deck for years to come.

Heat Reflection

The most important thing that your pool can do is offer relaxation, fun, and a break from high heat. Other materials may become extremely hot under sun exposure, causing them to be uncomfortable to walk on and even risking burning your bare feet. Light colored concrete will reflect heat back off the surface rather than absorbing it, keeping it relatively cool and allowing you to relax poolside. This will come as a great relief when you reach the long, hot days of summer.