Inexpensive Remodeling Ideas For A Basement Laundry Room

Home decor magazines are filled with light-filled laundry room painted in fun colors. Those dream designs may seem out of reach if your laundry facilities are stuck in a dark corner of the basement. Before you despair, consider these tips to make even a basement laundry room a pleasant space to spend time in and use:

Recover the Floors

The floors can be one of the more difficult aspects of a basement room makeover, especially in a laundry room where you can do anything that blocks the drain. This is where epoxy floor coatings and a bit of creativity can solve the problem:

Start with a clean floor, and then cover up the drain so no painting materials make there way inside. When it comes to the decorative coating, you are only limited by your imagination. You have a few choices to pick from:

  • Painting the floor with concrete paint. Go for a solid color or create a design by using multiple colors. You can even paint the floor to resemble tiles.

  • Create a faux leather floor by crumbling up brown paper bags and then gluing them onto the concrete with an epoxy glue.

  • Create a decoupage effect using decorative papers or even pages torn from magazines. Glue them to the floor with epoxy glue.

  • Acid dye the concrete to add color and designs to the concrete. Acid dying kits are available in any color you need, and the finished color is permanent.

Once you have your base design painted or glued into place, apply an epoxy floor coating to seal everything. The coating will make your floor last by resisting water, grease and normal wear-and-tear. Epoxy-coated floors are exceptionally easy to care for – simply sweep and mop as needed.

Best of all, any laundry mishaps, such as an overflowing washer, are easy to clean and won't damage the floor.

Look to the Walls

The walls in a basement laundry room are often unfinished. If finishing the walls isn't in your budget, simply paint all the wood and studs. You can opt for a single color, preferably a light and bright one, or you can paint the walls one color and apply a contrasting paint to the studs.

One benefit of leaving the studs exposed is you can easily hang shelves and closet bars between them, which increases the usefulness of the space.

Another way to make the space more inviting is to hang up some artwork. Go for simply rustic signs or hang a large mirror to help make the space seem larger and to invite in more light.

You can use the same tricks on exposed ceilings as you do on the walls – paint it a light color to give a feeling of space. Swap out the light fixture for something more decorative but that provides plenty of light. Finish off the room with a pretty folding table or a drying rack.

Simply making over the floors and the walls gives the formerly dreary space a bright new look. You may even enjoy venturing downstairs to do laundry, now.