Does Your House Need A New Roof? Here's How The Process Works

Since getting a new roof is not something that happens very often, you may be wondering how the process works. Every installation is a little different since weather conditions or the slope of your roof may affect how quickly the work progresses. In general though, there's a good chance the installation will be completed in a day or two when there's a full work crew on the job. Here's what you can expect from inspection to completion.

The Inspection

When the contractor inspects your old roof, one of the things he or she looks for is the number of roofing layers already present. If you just have one layer of shingles, the contractor may be able to apply a new layer on top. If you have two layers already, they will most likely need to be torn off down to the deck. The deck is also assessed to determine if it is rotted and in need of repair. With this information in mind, the contractor can give you an accurate quote for the job as well as a good estimate on the timeline for completion.

The Preparation

The evening or morning before the work begins, a crew will prep the area around your home. This involves setting up the dumpster to collect the old shingles, and putting down tarps if needed to protect your landscaping. It's safe for you to stay in your home during the process as long as you can tolerate the noise of shovels scraping and hammers pounding your roof. You may need to move your car out of the driveway, and you should stay indoors, so you don't step on debris or get hit by something sliding off the roof.

The Tear-Off

The first big job is the tear-off phase where your old shingles are pulled up and tossed into the dumpster. If you're having a new roof put on over the old one, this step is bypassed, which saves time and money on the installation. Since each shingle is attached with nails, there is the chance some of the nails will roll off the roof, and that's why you need to stay out of the work area. Once the shingles are off, the deck can be thoroughly inspected for areas that need a quick repair before the new roof is put on.

The Installation

Your roofer applies a sheet of underlayment on top of the deck first and then begins the process of nailing in the individual shingles. The underlayment helps protect your wood deck against moisture that seeps through the shingles. The shingles are then attached in a layered manner that causes water to roll straight off your roof. The shingles are attached with nails using a nail gun, so the process is noisy since several workers use their guns at the same time.

The Clean Up

Once your new roof is installed, the crew cleans up the debris and hauls it away. They will sweep your yard with a metal detector to pick up stray nails, but it's a good idea to be alert for nails for a few days after your roof is installed. When the crew is gone, your yard should look just like it did before, with no damage to your plants, lawn, or driveway.

While it's possible for the entire process to be completed in a single day, especially in the summer when there are several hours of daylight, unexpected things do happen. If a storm rolls through, the work has to stop and resume once the roof is dry. Therefore, it's best to be patient and let the crew do a good job on your roof, even if it takes longer than expected. (For more information, contact Roofs by Rodger or another company)