4 Signs That There Is Something Wrong With Your Home Electrical System

A home electrical system is a complicated and sophisticated system. When one thing goes wrong, it could trigger a number of other problems within the system. Here, you will learn a few signs that there could be something wrong with your home electrical system, so that you can identify when there is a problem to have it repaired before a serious issue arises.

High Electric Bills

When your electric bills seem higher than normal, there could be a problem with the ground connection of the system. You could be losing electrical current through the ground connection into the ground outside of your home.

The ground is an important element of the system. It is meant to carry electricity that is not contained out of the home safely into the ground outside.

Note: Another sign that the ground connection is bad is if you feel a slight zap when you touch an appliance, or when the appliances turning on cause the lights in the house to dim.

Tripped Breakers

Breakers in the home breaker panel should not trip often. If you are constantly making trips to the breaker panel to flip the breakers, there is probably something wrong. The problem could be something as simple as pulling too much power from a single breaker, or it could be a sign that the breaker or breaker panel is going bad.

Having overloaded breakers could lead to serious problems in the home – like electrocution and fire, so do not overlook this as being a small issue until it has been addressed by a professional electrician.

Failed Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures that are turned on with a switch on the wall should turn on every time you flip the switch. If the light does not come on immediately, there could be a break in the wiring somewhere. If you continue to attempt to turn the light on, you could spark a fire in the walls and ceilings of your home.

Dimming Lights

If you notice dimming lights in your entire home, there is probably a problem somewhere in the home electrical system. Sometimes, this problem is caused by a failing neutral connection in the system. If you do not have the problem looked into by a professional, it will get worse as time goes by. Believe it or not, this problem could eventually lead to light bulbs exploding in their fixtures and fires in appliances and electronics.

If you are experiencing any, or a combination of these signs, contact your RDS Electric immediately. Having the system inspected and repaired could save your home, reduce your electric bill and save your appliances.