Four Job Opportunities In Construction

One industry where there always seems to be work is construction. If you are interested in helping to construct buildings and homes, here are four job opportunities you might want to consider.

Land Surveyor

Land surveying takes place even before construction begins. Land surveyors are the ones responsible for taking precise measurements that help to determine property boundaries. The data they collect is used to figure out the best places to erect buildings and help determine where underground pipes should be placed. Land surveying is extremely important when it comes to ensuring construction is taking place on good, solid ground.

Heavy Equipment Operator

These operators specialize in operating heavy equipment needed to clear the land before a construction job begins. They also move equipment and other materials using bulldozers, back-hoes, front-end loaders and graders. Besides operating the equipment, they are also usually in charge of maintaining it and making repairs as needed. Heavy equipment operators usually need their commercial driver's license (CDL).

Construction Laborers

It is imperative for construction laborers to be in good physical condition and be strong enough to lift a variety of heavy materials. They are in charge of doing basic tasks on a construction site such as removing debris, loading or unloading building materials, digging trenches, and building or taking apart temporary structures. They use a variety of tools for preparing and cleaning up the construction site. While their job may seem menial, the work they do is very important before and after the project is finished.

Building Inspectors

These types of inspectors make sure building codes, ordinances and all contract specifications are being met during the first phase of construction and again after construction has been complete. Building inspectors ensure that buildings are built safely and contain high structural quality. They also ensure that all zoning regulations are met. Other tasks completed by building inspectors include:

  • Monitor construction sites
  • Ensure electrical, plumbing and other systems meet appropriate codes
  • Issue violation orders if building is not compliant
  • Take photographs and keep daily logs during inspection
  • Use various devices and equipment to conduct inspections

Building inspectors sometimes have to climb ladders, crawl into tight spaces and have to know their way around a construction site in order to complete inspections.

Most construction jobs require workers to endure long hours outdoors, sometimes in inclement weather. But it also offers many advantages such as working together as a team and the variety of jobs available.