Decorative Asphalt Options To Add Color And Texture To Your Pavement

Asphalt is known for its strength and durability, and the ease of recycling it makes it a very environmentally-friendly paving material. However, it's not often thought of as a decorative surface. When you think of asphalt driveways, you probably envision a smooth black surface much like a street or parking lot.

But asphalt can be more decorative than many people realize. Whether you want to add interest to your landscaping or just make your driveway stand out from your neighbors', consider discussing these options with a contractor to get more attractive asphalt paving.

Stamped Asphalt

Stamping and stenciling involve using a template to imprint a design into an asphalt surface while it is soft. When it hardens and is then sealed, you are left with a permanent textured design which can cover part or all of the asphalt paving. One use of partial stamping, for instance, can be to inlay an attractive frame containing your house number into the front of your driveway.

Full-surface stamping is most commonly used to mimic other materials. Grid-like templates can create a surface that looks like it's made up of individual bricks in designs ranging from herringbone to arches to basket weave, but without the problem of individual pavers shifting in the future. More irregular templates can be used to approximate slate or stone paving.

When combined with coloring, you can end up with an imitation so indistinguishable from the real thing that many people now use asphalt for patios and walkways in addition to driveways.

Integral Asphalt Color

Integral color is pigment that is added to the asphalt during  manufacturing. This means that the entire depth of an asphalt surface will be colored, ensuring that no damage or wear and tear can remove it.

Earth tones are the most commonly used colors because, when combined with stamping, they can mimic materials like stone and brick. However, color added to smooth asphalt is a simple way to spice up your landscaping and make your new surface blend in with your home and surroundings.

Asphalt Sealant Color

Asphalt needs to be sealed a few months after installation and then re-sealed periodically as the sealant wears off — generally every few years. One option for adding color to an existing asphalt surface is to choose a sealant that has pigment mixed into it. And unlike integral color, if you decide you don't like the color you've chosen, you can always choose a new one when it comes time to re-seal your asphalt.

Work with a professional at a business like Lakeridge Paving Company to learn what paving options might work best for your driveway.