The Benefits Of Carpet Remnants

When a new home is built, there is often a lot of carpet left over from the job. The contractor may have ordered too much or was forced to order more to fit an odd shaped room. Have you ever wondered what happens to these pieces of carpet? Often times this extra carpet is given or sold to stores who can then resale them to consumers. These pieces of carpet are often known as remnants. Below are some of the benefits of purchasing carpet remnants.

  1. Price. The biggest benefit of carpet remnants is the price. Because they are basically scraps from another job, you can get them at a deep discount. Most people want the same carpet running through their home and so are not as interested in remnants. This drives the price down and can be a steal of a deal.

  2. Availability. Another great benefit of remnants is that you can find them locally at flooring stores. You do not have to wait weeks to order the carpet and have it shipped from the manufacturer. You can simply go to your local flooring store and purchase it.

  3. Carpet in Part of Home. Most of the time, you will not be able to find enough carpet remnants to carpet your whole house. This is because the carpet is leftover from another job and little should remain. However, it is not uncommon to find enough carpet remnants to carpet a couple rooms or even a floor of your home. Many times you can even find different carpet remnants that are similar enough that they can go together in your home. You get this high quality carpet for a fraction of the price of brand new carpet.

  4. Area Rugs. Another great use and benefit of carpet remnants is that you can make them into an area rug. With just a little work binding the edges of the carpet, you will have a beautiful rug that can be placed over hard wood, tile or any other kind of flooring. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a large area rug, you can spend a fraction of that on a remnant and make it into a beautiful rug. 

Carpet remnants are a great alternative to buying carpet at full price. Of course, sometimes it is just going to be the luck of the draw as colors, sizes, and availability all depend on whether or not someone bought too much carpet in the first place.