Out Of Space But Love Your House? Go Up Or Go Down And Get More Room

Is your house too small and there isn't enough room to add on around the property, but you love the neighborhood and location? Talk with a structural engineer about building up or down. These are both great ways to get the extra square footage you want, without having to find a new home.

There are advantages and disadvantage to both options, so you'll want to see layouts, see estimates and get information for both projects. Here are some things to talk with the engineers and contractors about.

Adding a Level

Are you allowed to build up where your house is? Some zones may have height restrictions on houses. Going up is often cheaper than adding onto the main level of the home, or adding a basement because you don't have to pour the foundation. You'll have the cost to frame the addition, and add electrical, ventilation, flooring, drywall and other building necessities.

It may be difficult to get plumbing for a bathroom on the second level of the home, and a new roof will have to be put on. The square footage gained by the addition will be included in the property size if you go to sell the house in the future, and your home is going to look bigger and more spacious from the outside.

Digging a Basement

Digging a basement can cause a lot of structural concerns, since the house has to be supported throughout the process. You first have to find out if the house is sturdy enough to do the project, and if the ground is ideal for a basement. The house will have to be dug around and then suspended, and then the basement will be dug out and concrete poured.

A basement is ideal if you don't want to change the aesthetics of your home, and is a great selling feature, but can't be listed on a property in the square footage unless you have finished it with drywall and the necessary requirements. Requirements vary by state and area.

If you know you don't want to move but you want to get more space so you can stay in the home that you love, talk with a structural engineer to see if it's going to be more affordable to go up or down and to determine what will look the best. After the project is completed, have the home appraised to see how much value you gained. To get started, contact a company like J J K Group Inc to see if a project like this is a possibility.