Road Construction: Two Questions You Might Need Answered About These Major Projects

If you have been considering developing some of your property into a subdivision, you will need to consider the process of building roads and infrastructure through this area. There are many different factors that can influence this type of paving project, and if you are not well informed about road construction or maintenance, you may find yourself encountering more problems than necessary during this project. After learning answers to the following questions, you will have a stronger understanding of this type of expensive but vital infrastructure.

What If The Soil Is Unable To Support A Road?

Roads are subjected to intense stresses and forces over the course of time. In addition to the tremendous weight of cars and trucks, roads must also handle the vibrations that are caused by these vehicles driving on them. Unfortunately, there are many areas where the soil will make it difficult for the road to adequately perform its function. Often, these issues stem from loose soil that will not support this type of weight. 

Luckily, you may still be able to build a road through these areas. This may be able to be done through the installation of a larger support bed that will more evenly distribute the weight of the cars over the surface of the soil. Another option would be to install a raised road. These roads are supported by pillars, and they may be easier to install in poor soil. The exact option will depend on the unique characteristics of the area and only a road construction contractor will be able to help you decide on the best option. 

How Can The Life Of The New Road Be Extended?

Once the road has been built, it is important for you to have an effective maintenance plan in place to ensure that it looks great for as long as possible. This will require you to apply a protective sealant to the road once every few years to help it withstand water damage. 

Additionally, you will need to have the road inspected on a regular basis to find any minor damages that need to be patched. When there are small cracks or potholes in the road, these issues can allow water to seep into the asphalt or under it. This can worsen the crack and create erosion problems for the road. By creating a strict schedule that includes sealing and inspecting the road, you can have these problems addressed before they become severe. 

Understanding the basics of road construction and maintenance is essential for anyone needing this type of project completed. Appreciating that there may be ways of building roads on poor quality soil and how to prevent wear from shortening your road's lifespan will help you to get the most from these projects. For more tips, contact a company like Lien Transportation Co.