Four Tips To Help You Improve Your Basement And Prevent Water Damage Problems

If you want to finish your basement, dealing with water in your basement can be a major problem. This is why things like waterproofing, drainage and choices of finish materials are important things to consider. If you want to prevent water problems in your basement, you may want to have waterproofing repairs done as well as use more durable materials to finish your basement. Here are some tips to help you prevent some of the common water problems in your basement: 

1. Improving And Repairing The Waterproofing In Your Basement

You can also do repairs and improvements to the waterproofing in your basement. This can include repairing damage; such as cracks in foundation walls. In addition, you may want to consider having new waterproofing installed on the interior of walls. This can help protect your home if you have old exterior waterproofing systems.

2. Installing Foundation Drainage Systems To Deal With Moisture In The Basement

The foundation of your home needs to have good drainage, which means that you may want to have a drainage system installed. This will not only help protect from water leaks, but it will also help with other moisture issues, such as condensation that can build up on basement walls can cause water damage.

3. Sump Pumps And Wells To Handle Waste And Excess Water In The Basement

Sump pumps are another important part of your basement waterproofing. They do not only deal with plumbing waste, but also help remove excess water from your basement. You will need to have pumps and wells that are an adequate size to deal with any water that gets in your basement, as well as the waste.

4. Using Materials That Are Water Resistant To Prevent Water Damage From Moisture

There are also many water resistant materials that you can use for your basement. These can include things like vinyl wall coverings and other water resistant finishes. This will not only help protect your basement if it gets flooded, but it can also help prevent moisture problems and musty smells in your basement. You may also want to use doors and cabinetry that are made of more water resistant materials.

These are some tips to help you with the improvements that need to be done to keep water out of your basement. If you are ready to start improving your basement, contact a waterproofing contractor (such as one from Cozens Brothers Contractors) to get help keeping the water out.