Four Ideas To Help You Give Your Kitchen A Modern Update Without Breaking The Bank

If you have recently bought an older home, it may have outdated designs. One of the main gathering areas of homes is the kitchen, which is a good place to start with renovations. You may also be limited on funds if you have just bought a home, which can make kitchen remodeling difficult. Here are some ideas to help you give that old kitchen an update on a budget:

1. Use Clever Lighting Upgrades For The Kitchen

Uneven lighting can be a problem in older homes; but, the lighting is one of the most important features of your kitchen. According to, using just one bright overhead light is a mistake and can create a "glare bomb"; so, you'll want to make use of recessed and accent lighting. Strip lighting and under-cabinet lighting can be a great, inexpensive addition. You can use fluorescent lights to make the counter space look larger and nicer for gatherings. LED light strips can give the top of cabinets light and make dark areas brighter with indirect lighting.

2. Reface and Resurface Instead Of Replacing Cabinets 

The cabinets in your kitchen may be old and outdated. Replacing them may be something that you have been thinking about, but it is not the only option. You may want to consider having them refaced with new doors and a new finish. This will make them look like new and cost much less than having them completely replaced. Talk with a place like Sherman & Walton INC about different cabinet remodeling options.

3. Make an Affordable Change with Solid Surface Countertops

If you have old worn countertops, you may want to spend money to have them replaced. Rock and granite materials can be a costly solution. There are also newer solid surface countertops that are made of concrete or epoxy materials. The solid surface materials can cost less than real stone, but be just a durable. You even have a choice of many unique colors and patterns for your new counters, so you can still get a faux stone look.

4. Change Outdated Fixtures And Hardware For A New Look

The fixtures and hardware in your kitchen may also be outdated. You can replace these materials with newer modern materials. If you can't afford to replace the cabinet doors, you may want to consider installing hidden hinges and sleek handles for a cleaner look. You can also replace hardware finishes on the appliances in your kitchen. says that you can get away with more mix & match finishes (chrome, pewter, brushed nickel, etc.) if you paint your cabinets.

These are some tips to help you give an old kitchen an update on a budget. If you are ready to start with some of these renovations, contact a home remodeling contractor to help you with the planning.