Answering Commonly Asked Garage Door Repair Questions

The garage door is one part of the home that many people have a weak knowledge about, and this can lead to difficulties addressing problems that may arise over the time that you own the garage door. If you have never owned a home with an automatic garage door, having the following two questions answered should give you more of the information you need to understand this part of your home. 

How Can Homeowners Tell If The Garage Door Spring Is Needing To Be Replaced?

The spring is one of the most important mechanical parts of your garage door, and malfunctions with this component can have serious consequences for the entire door system. Often, the signs of this type of problem will be a grinding sound coming from the motor and an inability to smoothly raise and lower the door. When the damage to the spring is particularly severe, the door may slam shut as it is being closed because the spring is unable to hold the weight of the door.

Sadly, these springs can be extremely dangerous for a homeowner to attempt to work on, and as a result, a professional garage door repair technician should be contacted as soon as possible to address problems with the spring. If you attempt to repair this spring without professional help, there is a chance that it could snap, which may cause potentially life-threatening injuries. Contact local professionals, such as those from Kim's Garage, for further assistance.

Can A Damaged Section Of A Garage Door Be Repaired?

Whether it is due to a strong storm slamming debris into the door or you accidentally hitting the door with your car, a damaged garage door panel can be unsightly. In addition to reducing the appearance of the garage door, this problem can also make it difficult for the door to open and close because the panel may become warped.

Fortunately, whether your door is made of wood, metal or vinyl, it is possible for you to remove and replace the damaged panel of the garage door. Therefore, you can simply order a replacement panel from your manufacturer or a supplier and install it. The steps for removing the damaged panel will vary depending on how the door is designed, but there will usually be a safety latch that must be released before the damaged panel will slide out.

When a garage door encounters mechanical problems with the primary spring or damage to the exterior panels, it is important for you to understand what needs to be done to safely repair these problems. For homeowners that have never had to address these problems, knowing these answers will help to make this process less stressful and easier for you to complete.