Three Parking Lot Tips Every Business Owner Should Consider

Presentation isn't just important when it comes to the products and services you offer. It is also important when it comes to the exterior areas of your business. More specifically, your parking lot. Make sure you are taking initiative to keep your parking lot reflecting your business positively.

Keep It Clean

If your lot is filled with trash, leaves and other organic matter, this won't reflect your business favorably. An unkempt parking lot can quickly make a potential customer assume that the interior spaces of your business are also unkempt and unprofessional. Excessive debris also hinders water from properly draining off the lot's surface.

Prolonged exposure to pooled water can be especially dangerous to asphalt as it can cause it to break down, creating an entry point for water to penetrate into the sub base, eventually causing it to deteriorate. Consider tasking this responsibility out to a professional street sweeping company (such as USA Services of Florida). These providers can literally drive through your lot and remove the debris in a matter of minutes.

Create Order

It's your responsibility to set the rules when it comes to the parking lot. Two important rules include establishing a traffic pattern and designating parking spots. Reflective pavement markers and paint striping are how you can establish both of these goals.

In terms of the importance of establishing a traffic pattern, take a narrow parking isle that can only accommodate a single vehicle at a time, for example. If you fail to mark the flow of traffic, navigating the lot could prove difficult and it could even raise the risk of a collision.

Minimize Customer Damages

Potholes increase the risk of customer damages. In terms of a vehicle, a large pothole can cause costly wheel well damage.  For the actual customer, a broken bone is possible should the customer fall as a result of stepping in the hole.

Potholes are often the result of failing to sealcoat the surface. Sunlight, oil, and other elements can weaken the asphalt overtime, causing the hole to form.

Sealcoating is a protective solution that is applied over the asphalt to prevent these elements from penetrating the surface. Sealcoating shouldn't just be performed when the asphalt is first applied, but it should also be repeated periodically for the greatest results.

Make sure you are including your parking lot on your regular preventative maintenance regimen to keep your business looking its best both inside and outside.