Keep Your Basement Dry And Your Pump In Top Shape - Tips For Sump Pump Maintenance

Gould pumps cover a wide variety of product lines, but perhaps the most familiar to many residential customers is the sump pump. Keeping subterranean areas of your home clean and dry can be a difficult task, and a Gould sump pump rises to the challenge better than any other. Like any pump, however, there are steps you can take to maximize its life span.

Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for maintaining your home's sump pump. Following these suggestions should allow you to maintain the clean and dry state you desire, and should help guarantee that your pump functions in its best possible state for many years to come.

Keep It Vertical

Many sump pump owners make the mistake of failing to check on their pump following installation. The flow of water or the natural vibrations of the pump's operations may cause it to shift slightly off center, and this variance can affect the ability of the float arm to function and may cause your pump to struggle to get ahead.

It's important to check on the state of your pump regularly, especially after periods of heavy use. This will help guarantee that it remains properly aligned, allowing your pump to stay ahead of the flow of water and keep your home secure.

Clean the Grate

When dirt, rocks, and sediment build up at the bottom of your pump well, it can be very difficult for the pump to function correctly. If these items get sucked into the pump they can cause a major mechanical failure, and they can also cause water to build up much more quickly than it otherwise might.

The simplest way to avoid this problem is to simply keep your pump's grate as clean as possible. Periodically removing it and rinsing away any buildup will promote the smooth flow of water and help guarantee your pump isn't held up by dangerous blockages.

Test Regularly

The biggest problem with many sump pump failures is that they can't be noticed until a situation is already dire. Rather than finding yourself unprepared to deal with a suddenly flooding basement, you can take proactive steps to make sure your pump is always functioning the way it should. Pouring a full bucket of water into the pump well and testing your pump's response time is a great way to make sure its automatic and mechanical capacities are operating fully, and can alert you to any problems in a more controlled environment.

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