Debunking Common Myths About Solar Well Pumps

When you are in the process of setting up a private well on your property, you will be faced with one major decision: Do you want to go with a solar well pump or an electric-powered pump? Even though you may be quick to opt for the well pump that is powered by electricity, it is important that you get some of the more common misconceptions and myths out of the way before you make a decision. You may find after getting the facts that a solar well pump is the more cost effective choice of the two.

Myth: Solar well pumps do not provide reliable water flow to your home.

Fact: Solar well pumps are just as reliable as any other pump with any other power source, even with deep wells. Solar energy is collected during the daylight hours and saved in battery-type reservoirs that are used when there is not as much light available for energy. The addition of a holding tank also helps to ensure that you always have ready access to water because the tank stays filled continuously and is where you will draw your supply from initially.

Myth: Solar well pumps are more expensive to obtain than traditional electric-powered models.

Fact: Solar well pumps are actually about the same in cost as an electric-powered pump these days, which makes them a logical investment considering that solar energy is free and electricity is not. Even though solar well pumps used to cost several thousand dollars, solar energy technology has evolved considerably. You can now get a basic solar powered well pump for about $2,000. You can fully expect a pump that you buy in this price range to serve up a few gallons of water a minute from a well that is as much as a few hundred feet in depth.

Myth: If you install a solar well pump, upgrading is nearly impossible if your water needs change.

Fact: Most solar well pumps are actually fairly modular pieces of equipment and can be upgraded easily if your water needs to be changed after the initial installation. In most cases, you can amp up the pumping power with the addition of an extra solar panel, which is a simple process that even a layman can accomplish. You can fully expect that whatever solar pump you initially implement can be altered and advanced in the future if you need something bigger. 

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