The Tall And The Short Of It: Factors You Need To Consider When Comparing 4-Foot And 6-Foot Fences

Two of the most popular choices in fencing today are the 4-foot height and the 6-foot height. While many of the fences you see today are the shorter 4-foot ones, the taller fences (often referred to as privacy fences) are becoming increasingly popular. Choosing between the two can be challenging, but the following list of fence factors can help you decide which will work best for you. 

The Privacy Factor

When it comes to privacy, the 6-foot fence is often going to be the clear choice. There are two main reasons for this: First, the height is sufficient to prevent most people from peeking into your yard. The other reason that 6-foot fences work best for privacy is that they are typically made from solid materials that you can't see through - typically panels of wood, metal, or vinyl. 4-foot fences are often made from chain link that you can easily see through, although they may also be made from any of the same materials as their taller counterparts. 

The Winner: 6-Foot Fence

The Security Factor

If security is a major concern, taller is usually better. A 6-foot fence is more challenging to scale, while an intruder can easily hop over a 4-foot fence. If you ever have wildlife visitors or if stray dogs roam your neighborhood, a 6-foot fence will present more of a challenge for the animals than the shorter fence will. Keep in mind, however, that security is also determined by the way that you close the fence gates, regardless of fence height. To make the fence as secure as possible, use a padlock on any gates that could potentially be used for entry. 

The Winner: 6-Foot Fence

The Appearance Factor

The appearance of the fence is something that is truly subjective. For the person who wants the fence to be as unobtrusive as possible, a chain link or iron post 4-foot fence may be ideal. You'll be able to see into and out of the yard easily. However, if you want the fence to be part of the home landscape, a beautifully crafted solid panel wood fence may be ideal. 

The Winner: It's a tie. This is all up to your personal taste!

The Price

Price can vary widely depending on the materials you choose. However, the 4-foot fence will generally be much less expensive than the 6-foot fence simply due to the smaller amount of material required. If keeping costs as low as possible is a major consideration, 4-foot fence is best.

The Winner: 4-foot fence.

Use the info above - along with a talk with your fence contractor - to determine which of the two sizes is ideal for your life (and your yard!)