Garage Door Safety Features That You Should Be Checking

Your garage door was installed with several safety features to prevent personal injury should something fail. These can be easily inspected by you so your family stays safe. Check these features regularly and call a garage door service company to repair any problems as soon as you detect them.

Garage Door Spring Safety Cables

Large springs under high tension allow the heavy garage door to be opened by a small electric motor and manually by you. Should a spring break or become disconnected from the system, it could cause serious damage to someone. Safety cables prevent the spring from flying across the garage if it fails.

  1. Locate the springs running parallel to and a few inches below the ceiling.
  2. Look for a braided steel cable running through the center of each spring.
  3. Check that one end of the cable is attached to a plate on the ceiling and the other end to a point near the top and off to the side of the garage door.
  4. Check that the cable is not frayed and there are no bends or kinks in it.
  5. If the cable is missing, disconnected or damaged, call a garage door maintenance company soon to have it repaired.

Infrared Motion Detector

A device detects if something gets in the way of the garage door as it is going down. When something is detected, the door should stop immediately and reverse.

  1. Locate the two infrared motion sensors on either side of the garage door near the bottom of the door.
  2. Make sure the units are pointed directly at each other.
  3. Find a small ball or other object that will easily roll.
  4. Open the garage door then close it.
  5. As the garage door is moving down, roll the object through the opening to interrupt the infrared beam.
  6. If the garage doesn't stop and reverse, call for service.

Pressure Sensor

As a backup to the motion sensor, the garage door opener has a pressure sensor built into it. If the garage door meets any resistance while it is moving, it should stop and reverse.

  1. Place a chair in the path of the garage door closing. Position the chair so the legs sit over the infrared beam of the motion sensor without breaking the beam.
  2. Close the garage door.
  3. When the door touches the chair, it should immediately stop and reverse.
  4. If the door does not stop or continues briefly after touching the chair before reversing, call a garage door company for service.

For more information about safety procedures, contact a garage door repair service and visit their website.