Ideas For Planning A Garden Getaway

Your backyard is more than the land behind your house. It serves as the setting of your outdoor living. You can cook, dine and lounge al fresco. It's also a prime spot for entertaining and playing. Design a beautiful backyard that provides a daily getaway.

Secluded Nook

You'll want to while away the hours in your backyard garden. For this purpose, set up a shady nook. Start by placing a comfortable bench in a quiet corner. From there, beautify the area with landscaping. Plant a larger bush in the back, such as a hydrangea or a butterfly bush to attract the pretty creatures. Further frame the bench with pretty flowers such as daylily, garden phlox and peonies. Fill in the gaps with hardy plants such as hosta.

Nighttime Beauty

The beauty doesn't have to stop at night when it comes to your backyard garden. When planning your landscaping, include several white and silvery plants. They'll show luminescent in the dark. Aster, snowflake catmint and aretmesia are all white plants that will look pretty at night. What's more, Country Living suggests planting brugmansia and Japanese wisteria to also enjoy fragrance after dark.

Fragrant Blooms

Speaking of fragrance, you'll probably want some during the day as well. Naturally, one place to start is with rose bushes. Indeed, consider training a climbing rose bush over a pretty trellis or even pergola in your garden. Such a spot provides a definitive destination. From there, consider a few more exotic flowers such as blossomsýlilies, dianthus, nicotiana, and othersýthis. If you want to provide a tactile experience for your guests, consider also plants such as lavender and Russian sage. Once touched, these plants release a delicate scent.

Water Feature

Water is another element that transforms your backyard into a getaway. An excellent option is including a water fountain, especially near your secluded nook and/or patio. Not only does a water fountain provide beauty as the sun hits the spray, but the water music makes outside noises retreat. You'll feel truly secluded. However, a birdbath also provides the beautiful display of sun and water while also attracting wildlife.

Garden Path

As you're designing all these vignettes in your garden, you'll want a charming path that leads from one to the other. If you want your backyard to feel like a getaway, consider making a somewhat narrow, winding path. Such a path promotes strolling. Likewise, you can contemplate both your own thoughts and the beauty of your garden. Create the bends so that they overlook pretty vistas such as your pergola or birdbath. Consider keeping the path naturalistic by placing pavers interspersed with hardy groundcover plants.

With beautiful landscaping, your backyard becomes a garden retreat. To learn more, contact a company like The Hilltop Landscape Architects & Contractors.