3 Steps To Take To Prepare Your Chain Link Fences For Winter

Before winter hits, you need to make sure that the chain link fence around your home is ready for the seasonal chain. Here are three steps that you need to take this fall to prepare your chain link fence for winter.

#1 Check The Posts

The first thing you need to do is walk the length of your chain length fence and check the posts and the chain linkage. When looking at the posts, make sure that they are all standing up straight and that none of them are leaning. If any of them are leaning, you may need to re-dig the hole and have new cement poured into the hole to make the post stand up straight.

You also need to check the chain itself and make sure that it is not leaning or loose. If the chain-linkage has come off the side or upper posts, you need to attach it again. An easy way to attach the chains to the posts is by using a zip-tie to secure it together. You can also purchase flexible wire and use it wrap around the linkage and the post.

A leaning fence or loose chain-linkage often gets worse during winter weather, so try to address this issue before winter hits.

#2 Trim Back Bushes & Trees

One of the biggest threats to a chain link fence are the bushes and trees in your yard. The branches from bushes and trees in your yard can grow into your chain link fence, becoming entwined or even pushing against your fence and moving it back or making it unsteady.

You can fight this by trimming back all of the growth on plants and trees that are near your fence this fall when these plants. That way, when the spring growth starts, your bushes and trees will not push further into your fence and will be directed in a more positive growth direction. 

#3 Remove Leaf & Debris Build-Up

Finally, you should remove leaf and debris build up around the bottom of your fence. Your fence is probably the stopping point for many of the leaves in your yard; however, you shouldn't leave them there all winter. They will decompose against your fence and could compromise the integrity of the metal. Built-up leaves and debris can also create a home for critters and pest right near your home, which is why you should clear all of this material before winter strikes. 

Protect your chain link fence and extend its overall life by completing the three steps above every fall. Visit websites like http://www.lishmanfence.com for more tips.