3 Benefits That Clear Span Structures Can Provide for Your Company

If your construction or industrial business is growing, chances are you are in the process of obtaining more and more equipment and inventory. If this is beginning to put a strain on your available warehouse space, you might be at a loss for how to fix the problem without breaking the bank. Thankfully, this is the exact scenario where clear span tents and other structures really shine. Clear span structures can be used for a variety of different things, but they really excel when you need extra warehouse or operating space in a pinch. Here are three different uses to consider when it comes to clear span structures.

Temporary Expansion for a Big Project

If you are taking on an especially large project at your main site, you might be suddenly cramped with more workers and equipment than you know what to do with. If you build a clear span structure on your property, you can quickly move a specific segment of the project to this confined area, freeing up your main warehouse for other tasks. Clear span structures will provide the needed protection or cover for the project materials without you having to build a brand new warehouse from scratch.

A Great Solution for Seasonal Inventory

Do you currently have a lot of inventory that you don't need anytime soon? If you sell products that are only useful to you in the summer or winter, you might not want these items cluttering up your main warehouse during the off season. Seasonal inventory can be moved out of your main warehouse and into a clear span tent in order to free up your warehouse space for current projects. Then, when the next season arrives, you can simply swap the merchandise or inventory out of the tent structure and back into the warehouse and put something else in its place until the next cycle occurs.

Shield from Prying Eyes

Clear span structures are also great while out on a construction site that's away from your home base. If you don't want the media or any other individuals to see what you are working on until it is complete, a clear span structure can provide at least some cover for what is going on inside. While these structures are traditionally clear, certain fabrics can be used that will keep what is going on inside the tent or structure a complete mystery. These structures are also a good way to provide additional storage space at your remote site, as needed.

Whether your company is looking for some more storage space or is just looking to improve your overall workflow, a clear span structure could be just what you've been looking for. Reach out to a clear span structure company today for more information.