Learning About Erosion And How To Control It On Your Property

Erosion, simply put, is the wearing away of soil. If you know anything about erosion, you are most likely aware of one kind of erosion caused by water. However, there are other types of erosion. Knowing more about erosion and how to control it on your property ensures that all of your property remains in the best condition it can be.

Erosion by Water

Erosion by water occurs one of two ways. Either you have loose, soft soil that is moved by lots of rain, or you have embankments along a body of water that are eroded by waves. Either way, the soil is washed away over time, until huge chunks of soil break off or disintegrate in a rainstorm.

To control erosion by water, you need to build up the soil so that anything that does come loose flows downhill. You can also make the soil less loamy by adding and tilling heavier types of soil into the soil you currently have. As for soil along a bank, high retaining walls protect the banks from the waves of the water.

Erosion by Wind

Erosion by wind, such as the kind that was seen in the Dust Bowl of the 1930's, occurs when a drought saps all moisture from the soil, the plants die off, and nothing is left but dusty, dry earth. It only takes one good windstorm to kick up the top layers of soil and erode them away on the wind.

Curiously enough, in the case of wind erosion, it only takes a lot of water and green growing things to stop wind erosion. Water dry areas on your property daily during a drought. Plant drought-resistant grasses and plants. These steps will reverse the negative effects of wind erosion.

Traffic Erosion

Traffic erosion includes both vehicle traffic and foot traffic, human traffic and animal traffic. If there are some areas on your property that are wearing down because the soil or mud is getting stuck to tires, hooves, feet, etc., you need to figure out a way to fix this. Usually, rerouting the foot and vehicle traffic helps.

Have everyone and everything take a different route. If there is no way around the constant treks made by humans, tires, and animal feet, you may want to hire a concrete contractor to create a foot path or driveway through this area. It stops the traffic erosion while allowing people, vehicles and animals to continue moving on through. Work with a professional, like Specialty Construction Supply, for more help.