Doing A Job On The Side Of The Road? Make Sure You Protect Your Crew

If your construction crew has won a job that will have them working on the side of the road, you want to make sure that you protect your crew. When working near a road, the biggest threat to your construction workers are other drivers. A crash attenuator will help protect your crew and keep everyone safe while they work. You can either rent a truck mounted crash attenuator or a trailer mounted crash attenuators.

Truck Mounted Crash Attenuators

A truck mounted crash attenuator is a modified truck that is equipped to help keep your crew safe on the road. On a regular truck, an impact attenuator is installed on both sides of the truck. The impact attenuator is a device that is designed to reduce damage when a vehicle hits the truck. The attenuator is designed to absorb the energy of a motor vehicle and redirect the energy from the vehicle away from your work crew.

You never want to have an accident near your work crew. However, accidents do happen, and that is where a truck mounted crash attenuator comes into play. You want to keep the truck in line with your work crew, moving it as your crew moves. The truck will not only hold your equipment, it will also act as a boundary to protect your crew as they work on the side of the road.

Trailer Mounted Crash Attenuators

A trailer mounted crash attenuator follows the same principles as a truck mounted crash attenuator, but it is lower to the ground. With a trailer, you can move the trailer around when it is attached to a host vehicle. If your crew is going to be working in the same area for an extended period of time, a trailer mounted crash attenuator can be a good idea. It can stay in the same spot and protect your crew as they work. You can also place a trailer mounted crash attenuator at any area in the road where there are blind spots where an accident may occur. You can strategically place a trailer mounted crash attenuator in areas that represent the highest risk of injury.

A truck-mounted or trailer-mounted crash attenuator is designed to protect your crew from an errant vehicle that goes off the road. It is a precautionary measure that will help ensure that your crew and the job you are working on is protected. To learn more about crash truck rentals, talk with the team at Stripes & Stops Company, Inc.