4 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Looking Good

Your kitchen countertops withstand a lot; there is no question about it. However, you don't want your kitchen countertops to show all their battle scars. You want to keep the counters looking good. Fortunately, this goal is one that you can accomplish, but it does take some effort on your part. Learn what you can do to keep your kitchen counters looking good, year after year.

1. Start With Quality Materials

You cannot purchase a low-quality object and expect high-quality performance. This statement is also true when it comes to your kitchen countertops. Make sure you are investing in good kitchen countertops that are designed to be durable. Marble, slate, and granite are just some of the options known for their longevity and ability to withstand wear without damage. You might want to start your effort with a countertop replacement if you didn't do your research when you first completed the kitchen. 

2. Use Quality Products

In the same manner that higher quality counters mean better performance, higher quality cleaning aids also matter. For most countertops, all you need is a mild cleaning solution and a cloth. If you use a harsh cleaning agent, the acid in these agents may strip the countertop, which will dull its natural shine. Dulled countertops look worn, even if they are in decent overall condition. You should also use a soft cloth. Hard sponges or scrubbing pads can scratch the countertop.

3. Be a Smart User

How you treat your countertops matters most in terms of their longevity. Make sure you aren't doing anything that is unnecessarily putting your countertop at risk for damage. For example, don't place hot pans directly on the counter. While there are some countertop materials that are designed to withstand heat, such as granite, these options are not indestructible. You eliminate any room for error when you place a trivet or other rack on the counter first to protect it from the hot pan. 

4. Remember to Seal

A sealant is a protective barrier for your countertops. Without the sealant, the countertops are at risk for all sorts of problems, including a reduced lifespan. When you first had the countertops installed, you should have had the countertops sealed, but if you did not, it's not too late to complete the project. Additionally, in some instances, you may need to have your counters resealed if they are quite old. Speak with a countertop specialist to determine your specific need.

When your countertops look good, your entire kitchen looks better. Apply these tips to keep your kitchen looking good for the long run.