Get Blown Away By Wind Mitigation Retrofitting Paid For By The Government!

Storms like the recent hurricanes in Florida have taken the wind out of so many peoples' sails. It is hard to have hope when wind takes everything you've got. Some people were lucky; they returned to homes that were just missing roofs. Some were not so lucky; they returned to homes that were either gone entirely, or these homes looked like a giant had stepped on them and squashed them flat. If you were one of the "lucky" ones, you can actually have wind mitigation retrofitting done, and the government will pay for it. Here is more on the subject, as well as why and how the government will pay for it.

What Wind Mitigation Retrofitting Is

Wind mitigation is, well, mitigating wind. It is attempting to resist wind as it hits your home and your roof. Retrofitting means that your home is fitted with something new long after it has already been built and remains standing. Ergo, wind mitigation retrofitting is the active process whereby roofing contractors come in, assess the damage, write an estimate, and then you can choose to hire them or not. When you hire them, they not only rebuild the roof, but they also reinforce it from the inside out with retrofitted roofing strips, brackets, and braces. When the next hurricane, tornado, or windstorm hits, the roof will not budge. 

​Why the Government Will Pay for It

All that has to happen is that the government has to declare your area to be in a national state of emergency and a major disaster zone. When both of those decrees are approved at the federal level, aid and funding comes through to assist people with their rebuilding and reinforcement plans. The government's intent is to help people restore what they had before the natural disaster destroyed so much. The agency representatives you want most to see and talk to are those associated with FEMA. They will provide supplies and temporary shelter until your share of the funding or funding application is approved to begin repairs on your roof.

How the Government Pays for It

Depending on the severity of the damages, millions to billions of dollars are taken from government funds and put into a trust held by FEMA. You apply to FEMA for these government funds, await a home inspection and determination for those funds, and then you are able to rebuild. In the process of rebuilding, you request that wind mitigation retrofitting be added.