4 Fun Uses For Reclaimed Wood In Your Home

Reclaimed wood is wood that is taken from old structures, such as barns, and instead of being thrown away, it is cleaned up and used again in a new structure or home. Wood, when properly taken care of, can last for decades or even centuries. Old wood is often very stunning and beautiful and deserves another chance to live a second life in your home.

#1 Turn the Wood Into the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

Give your kitchen a warmer feeling by using some reclaimed wood to create the backsplash. Flat reclaimed wood, such as siding or flooring, can easily be turned into the perfect kitchen backsplash. The long plants can be used to create a visually stunning backdrop that will set off your countertops and turn your kitchen into a place that is cozy, stylish, and unique all at the same time.

#2 Perfect Frame for a Mirror

You can take a little bit of reclaimed wood and use it to create a frame for a mirror. You can use it to frame your bathroom mirror and create a more rustic and farm-based feeling in your bathroom. Or you can use the barn wood to frame a mirror you have hanging up elsewhere in your home. A wood frame can really set off a mirror and add to the overall feeling of the room.

#3 Jazz Up Your Fireplace

Reclaimed wood can add some flair to your fireplace. You can use the reclaimed wood to create a stunning mantelpiece that hangs over the top of your fireplace. Or you can use reclaimed wood to frame the wall behind your fireplace. Oftentimes, the wall behind a fireplace is crammed with stones that are used to create an accent wall. You can ditch the traditional stone accent wall and instead use the reclaimed wood to create a fireplace that really stands out. This will turn your fireplace and reclaimed wood accent wall into the focus of the room.

#4 Add Support to Your Ceiling

If you are just building your home, you can use reclaimed wood beams to help build the support for your ceiling. If you want to have an open, exposed beam-and-rafter roof in your home, reclaimed wood can really make these features stand out. If your home is finished and you have vaulted ceilings or an open roof, you can add in some extra beams made from reclaimed wood to make the space more visually interesting.

There are various ways reclaimed wood can be used in your home. You can use it as a kitchen backsplash, to frame a mirror, to create a mantel above your fireplace, or as supports for your ceiling.

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