Pros And Cons Of Selecting A Broom Finish For Your Concrete Walkway

When you hire a concrete contractor to install a walkway outside of your business or home, he or she will ask you a number of questions about how you envision the concrete will look. Given that you might not know too much about concrete work, it's advantageous if you choose a contractor who doesn't mind discussing the available options at length with you, as well as showing you photos that depict different jobs. One topic to discuss is the finish that the contractor will use on the ready-mix concrete. A brushed finish is a popular choice, but here are some pros and cons to know.

Pro: Extra Traction

A concrete contractor gives a wet section of concrete a broom finish by carefully dragging a broom across the concrete's surface. The concrete dries with a series of small grooves left by the broom, and this can allow the walkway to provide more traction than it would otherwise. Some smooth areas of concrete can be slippery when they're wet, so if you're concerned about traction on the walkway during inclement weather, you'll appreciate a broom finish.

Con: Difficult To Clean

If the concrete walkway is on your property, you'll be responsible for keeping it clean. While dirt will usually come off concrete with a pressure washer, a big obstacle that you may face is chewing gum stuck to the concrete. When the gum hardens, it's more challenging to lift off. Regular concrete's smooth surface makes it somewhat easier for you to get a sharp blade under the gum to lift it. With a broom finish, the gum can get pressed into the tiny grooves in the concrete and be a challenge to lift.

Pro: Pleasing Visuals

Everyone has seen plain concrete walkways, and the average person might see this type of element several times in a given day. While concrete with a broom finish is popular, it's not nearly prevalent as a standard finish. If you're looking to add a pleasing visual quality to your concrete walkway, the simple addition of a broom finish can address that need.

Con: Additional Cost

Applying a broom finish to a concrete walkway is more work for your concrete contractor, which means that the project may be a little more expensive than if you were to choose a plain finish. Make sure that you think about these pros and cons, discussing them with the contractor at length before you choose how you'll proceed.