Why You Should Get Exterior Waterproofing For Your Home's Foundation

When it comes to house maintenance, many homeowners are preoccupied with what's going on in between the walls. The plumbing system, the ductwork, and your insulation are all things that you should keep an eye on. But while you're at it, don't forget to periodically check what's going near your home's exterior as well, including your house's foundation. If you have not yet gotten exterior waterproofing for your house's foundation, here are some reasons why it'd be a good idea to take care of this oversight today.

Waterproofing Now is Less Expensive Than a Repair Later

Yes, exterior foundation waterproofing costs money. But so does having to hire someone to clean up your basement after water or mold and mildew make it into your home. By getting exterior waterproofing now, you are making an investment in your home that will help keep your basement dry for many years to come.

Protect Your Finished Basement and Belongings

If you don't have anything valuable down in your basement, cleaning up a leak or mildew might be an expensive pain but not the end of the world. Things will be even worse if you do have a finished basement with furniture and other expensive belongings at the very bottom of your house. A leak or the development of mold in the wrong spot could set you back financially even further. 

Increase Your Home's Value Now and Later

Exterior waterproofing for your foundation will increase the value of your home today, and it could pay off in the long run when you use it as an additional feature to entice a buyer when it's time to sell your home. Exterior waterproofing won't just prevent costly damage to your basement, it will also preserve the overall look of the outside of your home.

Protect Your Family

Do you have family members who are especially sensitive or allergic to mold? If you have someone in your house with a medical condition, you don't want to risk that person being the one to discover the leak or mold problem the next time they go into the basement. Exterior waterproofing is a proactive measure that will protect not just your house but your loved ones from harm.

Contact a home waterproofing expert today for more information. Exterior foundation waterproofing can preserve or even increase the value of your home and protect your family and your belongings from danger