How To Keep Up Your Home's Plumbing System With Maintenance And Cleaning

Plumbing issues are no joke and can cause dirty water and sewage to back up into your home when they become bad enough, especially if you experience toilet clogs. Whenever a plumbing problem occurs, it is best to handle it immediately so you can get your plumbing back up to working order and eliminate the chance of bacteria entering your home and water damage to surrounding surfaces. Here are some recommendations to help you take care of your home's plumbing system with regular cleaning maintenance and using the services of a plumbing professional.

Pay Attention to Repeat Clogs

An occasional clog in your kitchen sink or your toilet drain can happen from time to time. But when you notice a clog repeatedly returns to block a line in your home every few months or even weeks, then this is a sign that there is a more serious problem in your plumbing that is causing the clog to return. And when a clog forms in your plumbing lines on a regular basis, contact your plumbing professional to get involved to repair the clog and check the condition of your plumbing lines. 

Your professional plumber can run a scope or camera down into your plumbing lines to see the interior of the pipe and to figure out what is causing the repeated clogs. It may be because the interior of the pipe has damage to it and is collecting debris, or it may be because the pipe is collapsing because it is old and worn-out. Sometimes tree roots will find their way into the sewer line through a small crack or connection seam that is no longer sealed. Tree roots inside your plumbing line will grow quickly and cause a blockage that will continue to return even after it has been cleared with a sewer snake. After your plumbing professional has figured out why a clog keeps returning, they can repair the problem and replace the line if necessary.

Complete Regular Cleaning

As a regular cleaning process in your home, you should take some measures to keep your drains flowing freely. On a regular basis, you should use safe products to clean out the inside of your sink and tub drain lines. Pour some baking soda into your drain followed by some white vinegar. Let this mixture bubble up, and when it stops foaming, pour a pot of boiling water into the drain. This process will clean off any soap scum, grease, and other residues from the inside of the drain and the line to clean it out and help prevent future clogs.

Contact a plumber who can help you with your clogged drains today.