3 Dangers Of Topping

Trees are valuable additions to your landscape design. However, proper care is important if you want your trees to grow and thrive in the most appealing and healthiest way possible. Not only is watering and fertilizing necessary, but pruning is also crucial for maintaining your trees. Unfortunately, you may not be familiar with the right way to prune your trees. Characterized by the removal of all foliage and larger branches from the entire top of the tree, topping is one type of pruning practice that does more harm than good, though. [Read More]

Preparation Tips For Your Next Concrete Project

Whether you are installing a new driveway or putting in a sidewalk, one of the most important aspects of any project involving concrete is proper preparation. Knowing exactly how much and what type of concrete you will need is just as important as properly pouring, leveling, and finishing the concrete itself. If you are using ready mix concrete, this means having a solid idea up front about the particular requirements of your project as well as the environment for the pour. [Read More]

Timing Your Tree Trimming

It's no secret that trimming and pruning trees is vital to both the health of the tree and to keeping them looking their best. The confusing part can be knowing when to prune your trees. The following guide can help you ensure that your timing is correct so that pruning doesn't compromise the health of your trees. Dormancy Pruning Most major pruning should occur in the dormant season from mid- to late-winter. [Read More]

Road Construction: Two Questions You Might Need Answered About These Major Projects

If you have been considering developing some of your property into a subdivision, you will need to consider the process of building roads and infrastructure through this area. There are many different factors that can influence this type of paving project, and if you are not well informed about road construction or maintenance, you may find yourself encountering more problems than necessary during this project. After learning answers to the following questions, you will have a stronger understanding of this type of expensive but vital infrastructure. [Read More]