Get Blown Away By Wind Mitigation Retrofitting Paid For By The Government!

Storms like the recent hurricanes in Florida have taken the wind out of so many peoples' sails. It is hard to have hope when wind takes everything you've got. Some people were lucky; they returned to homes that were just missing roofs. Some were not so lucky; they returned to homes that were either gone entirely, or these homes looked like a giant had stepped on them and squashed them flat. [Read More]

Sealcoating Your Roof? Reasons And Benefits For Doing So

Typically, sealcoating is for roads and asphalt-covered driveways. It is a liquid protectant coating that prevents and slows rapid deterioration of the binder used in asphalt. However, because sealcoating is also waterproof, it can be used in other ways. In this particular example, sealcoating can be used on asphalt shingles. Here is how to apply it, as well as the benefits and reasons for doing so. How to Apply Sealcoating to an Asphalt-Shingled Roof [Read More]

4 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Looking Good

Your kitchen countertops withstand a lot; there is no question about it. However, you don't want your kitchen countertops to show all their battle scars. You want to keep the counters looking good. Fortunately, this goal is one that you can accomplish, but it does take some effort on your part. Learn what you can do to keep your kitchen counters looking good, year after year. 1. Start With Quality Materials [Read More]

Replacing The Old Hot Water Heater In Your Home With An Efficient Tankless Model

The idea of a hot water heater that does not store water doesn't make sense to some people but when you consider how both systems work, you can begin to see how the tankless system has an advantage over the old standard style water heater most people are used to seeing in a home. The efficiency and reliability of a tankless system can exceed that of the traditional hot water tank and will more than likely save you money as well. [Read More]